S-GNSS dense city scene

FocalPoint Supercorrelation

Supercorrelation is a patented, chipset-level software product for mobiles, wearables and vehicles that revolutionises their positioning ability in urban environments.
  • 10x more accurate in urban canyons
  • 10x higher integrity
  • Sensitivity boost 3-10x indoors

Supercorrelation is designed for the modern system-on-a-chip silicon architecture used by all consumer GNSS receivers.

It requires no extra hardware or infrastructure, and fits into existing architecture as a software upgrade.

Supercorrelation is the only software-based GNSS technology capable of determining the arrival angle of signals, enabling line-of-sight determination and the removal of reflected and non-line-of-sight signals from the positioning solution.

It combines sensor fusion, machine learning and signal processing.

In December 2020, u-blox announced that it would be integrating Supercorrelation onto its upcoming GNSS platforms

In 2020, Supercorrelation was described as “Pioneering and revolutionary” by the awards committee of the Institute of Navigation, in awarding FocalPoint CEO Dr Ramsey Faragher the Per Enge Award.

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