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For smartphones, wearables and vehicles in all environments

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We create revolutionary technologies that can upgrade the capability of all GNSS systems worldwide.

The dramatic increase in the sensitivity and accuracy of receivers provided by our software allows them to answer the demands of 21st century customers. We are on a mission to work with partners to optimise their human-portable devices to achieve this enhanced positioning capability.

Accurate running wearables comparison

Live demo: Running wearables

See a live demo of how our technology can solve the accuracy problem for sports wearables.
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Use cases
FPP icon S GNSS 1 smartphone localisation
Pedestrian navigation

Our technologies enable high accuracy, high integrity positioning in urban environments on mobile and wearable devices.

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Anti spoofing

Our supercorrelation software can detect, reject and locate spoofing signals using just a software upgrade to a standard GNSS chip.

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Example of S-GNSS tracking car through dense city

FocalPoint S-GNSS

Transforming the capability of GNSS in the most difficult urban spaces.
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D-Tail precisely tracking movements of runner

FocalPoint D-Tail

Next generation tracking for smartphones and wearables.
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