S-GNSS dense city scene

FocalPoint S-GNSS

FocalPoint S-GNSS is a smartphone based sensor fusion, machine learning and signal processing suite that dramatically improves the sensitivity, accuracy and integrity of GNSS positioning solutions in urban environments and indoors.

FocalPoint S-GNSS is the only software-based GNSS technology capable of determining the arrival angle of signals, enabling line-of-sight determination and the removal of reflected and non-line-of-sight signals from the positioning solution. This market-leading capability is powered by FocalPoint's award winning patented supercorrelation technology that provides improvements across all aspects of GNSS receiver performance. This transforms positioning capability and availability in urban areas and indoors.

Example of S-GNSS tracking car through dense city

Illustration of FocalPoint S-GNSS tracking car through dense city

FocalPoint S-GNSS is a fully software-defined solution aimed at the modern system-on-a-chip silicon architecture used by consumer GNSS receivers. This means that it requires no extra hardware or infrastructure, nor does it increase computational load. Alongside enhanced positioning performance, FocalPoint S-GNSS can also improve battery life. Thanks to its increased sensitivity, tracking of very weak signals -- such as those found deep indoors -- is maintained and less time is spent in power-hungry acquisition mode.

FPP icon S GNSS 1 smartphone localisation

Ubiquitous smartphone localisation, without databases or local infrastructure

FPP icon S GNSS 2 emergency calls

E-911 and E-112 localisation of emergency calls

FPP icon S GNSS 3 autonomous cars

High-integrity and high-performance navigation systems for autonomous vehicles

FPP icon S GNSS 4 fincncial transcations

Authentication procedures for financial transactions (tight location and time bounding)

FPP icon S GNSS 5 geofencing

High-integrity geofencing

FPP icon S GNSS 6 mitigation

Spoofing detection and mitigation