D-Tail female runner

FocalPoint D-Tail

D-Tail is an application- or OS-level software product for smartphones and wearables that enables ubiquitous positioning indoors and outdoors.
  • Centimetre-level precision
  • No beacons or additional infrastructure required
  • 30x lower battery usage for AR applications

D-Tail is designed as a complement to our foundational Supercorrelation product, but also works independently on existing devices. It can run as a cloud-based solution or in real time on devices at the application or hardware level.

It can detect and report movements at the centimetre level for smartphones and wearables indoors and outdoors, without requiring any additional infrastructure such as beacons and wifi.

Cambs Half Comparison

Comparison of D-Tail vs Android Fused Location recorded during the Cambridge Half Marathon 2020

D-Tail enables today's smartphones and wearables to achieve centimetre-level precision that in turn enables next generation products and services - from ubiquitous indoor wayfinding to high performance sports trackers and last-metre delivery.

It operates at 200 times the measurement rate of GPS, using GNSS, sensor fusion and machine learning to provide an exact and detailed trace of a user's motion across four dimensions - enabling real time measurement of motion, trajectory and gait

It substantially surpasses the levels of detail and accuracy provided by simple dead-reckoning and WiFi fingerprinting.

Comparison of indoor positioning in a shopping centre, showing location determined by Android running on a Google Pixel phone vs FocalPoint's D-Tail technology using the same inputs

Wearable fitness technology

Highly-accurate, high-update-rate 3D trajectories for wearables and fitness tracking

FPP icon D Tail 2 fingerprint based positioning

Fingerprint map generation and augmentation of fingerprint based positioning

Indoor wayfinding and smartphone localisation

Indoor smartphone localisation

FPP icon D Tail 4 GNSS analytics

GNSS analytics