D-Tail female runner

FocalPoint D-Tail

FocalPoint D-Tail is a state of the art tracking system that combines human motion models and sensor fusion to transform the precision and capability of fitness and other activity monitoring devices.

FocalPoint D-Tail provides an exact and detailed trace of a user's motion across all three dimensions, going well beyond the levels of detail and accuracy provided by simple dead-reckoning and WiFi fingerprinting techniques.

D-Tail precisely tracking movements of runner

FocalPoint D-Tail precisely tracking movements of a runner

FocalPoint D-Tail provides a centimetre-level precise reconstruction in 3D of the smartphone's path through space as the user moves. By comparison, the normal GNSS traces from the smartphone are much less detailed and inaccurate. Focal Point D-Tail’s level of performance greatly enhances consumer products, such as wearables, by providing more trusted data. This is suited to instances where there is a demand for higher-integrity information like trajectories and gait.

FocalPoint D-Tail also supports the generation and maintenance of WiFI/BLE fingerprint databases. Currently, this process uses expensive manual surveying or less expensive but inaccurate crowdsourcing methods. By significantly improving the accuracy and precision of crowdsourced trajectories used to seed fingerprint databases, FocalPoint D-Tail dramatically reduces costs in this space.

​FocalPoint D-Tail exists as a cloud based solution or it can run in real time, live on devices, at the application or hardware level.

FPP icon D Tail 1 wearable tech

Highly-accurate, high-update-rate 3D trajectories for wearables and fitness tracking

FPP icon D Tail 2 fingerprint based positioning

Fingerprint map generation and augmentation of fingerprint based positioning

FPP icon D Tail 3 indoor smartphone localisation

Indoor smartphone localisation

FPP icon D Tail 4 GNSS analytics

GNSS analytics