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Three dirty secrets about sports wearables

29 April 2021

£6m Series B round will accelerate roll-out of Focal Point products

15 March 2021

Supercorrelation hits the headlines

5 February 2021

What our first major commercial milestone really means

3 December 2020

Why running wearables fail: behind the scenes of our smartwatch demo

13 July 2020

FocalPoint named Hottest SpaceTech Start-up at the 2020 Europas Awards

26 June 2020

FocalPoint awarded Royal Institution of Navigation’s highest award for Technical Achievement

2 June 2020

Why Precision Matters for Indoor positioning and mapping

19 May 2020

Banning location data from contact tracing apps makes them less effective and people less safe...

8 May 2020

We’re up for a Europas Award - now we need your vote

7 May 2020

Why you can’t trust Strava to help you run your backyard COVID marathon

3 April 2020

Here’s how badly your fitness tracker is lying to you

13 March 2020

How we could be fighting COVID-19 in the age of the smartphone

14 February 2020

FocalPoint Founder Scoops Industry Achievement Award

29 January 2020

That time Galileo was stuck in the past

20 December 2019

Why you will never run a marathon on a treadmill

13 December 2019

2019 Unwrapped

10 December 2019

Dr Ramsey Faragher wins outstanding achievement accolade by industry experts

27 September 2019

Putting the A-game into AR headsets

14 September 2019

We need to talk about Quantum Navigators (and gravity)

10 November 2018

When milliseconds and millimetres really matter

29 September 2018

Making the future affordable

4 July 2018

Why we still love the Kalman Filter

2 May 2018

Trusted wearables – a two-way street

1 March 2018

Why worry about PRS when you can have S-GNSS instead?

28 February 2018

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